PDF data extraction from the future

Become a Semadox partner and solve all issues related to data extraction from your customers' PDF documents

PDF data extraction from professionals

100% secure, super-fast and incredibly efficient

Semadox will bring data collection from your customers' PDF documents to a new level of productivity. It has never been easier to implement the highest data quality at the lowest costs in ERP & EDI workflows.

Semadox is a pure technology partner that complements and enhances your EDI or ERP offerings.

100% error-free

Our template-based processing of PDF documents ensures maximum precision. In the case of - extremely rare - errors, we reliably correct them.

No Cost Integration

Semadox is connected to business processes via SFTP, HTTP or email - extremely fast & virtually without internal costs.

Location-level data discovery

Semadox reads the data in the PDF document at position level.

We work in real time

Semadox works almost in real time. This makes it easy to process even 1000 documents a day.

Your partner for true digitization

This is how you benefit as a Semadox partner

Win-win for you and your customers

Semadox makes your customers' data management more efficient, faster and more secure. And of course, as a Semadox partner, you too will benefit.

- Fair & exciting margins, which are based on annual sales (Basic, Advanced & Professional)
- Comprehensive partner onboarding with partner materials and onboarding call.
- No minimum turnover, no upfront fees - billing based on service provided.
- We support with effective marketing tools such as webinars, social media posts, and blog posts.
- Support for your sales with Semadox product demos
- Customer Support 17/5

That's what you can expect from us:

Perfect data management from PDF workflows

Increased productivity & efficiency

Optimized & automated business processes

Make critical data processes more secure

Improve customer engagement

Unsere Partner

For you as a partner

We provide our partners with a powerful and reliable solution that solves a problem. Semadox enhances your ERP or EDI system and your company's services and expands your corporate offering.

Open up new markets

Semadox helps your business grow and allows you to enter new markets. We are fully committed to supporting our valued business partners and offer you attractive benefits.

Grow your business with Semadox

Your consultation with our partner manager Kristian Maric

We have a software solution that takes data processing from PDF documents to a new level — and do you have customers who are looking for such a solution? Let's talk!