Can be seamlessly integrated into sales, retail or purchasing

Automate your collection, improve the quality of your data, and optimize your processes.

Speeding up trade

High-speed processes with automated ordering

Semdaox records your invoices and orders while you as a retailer can spend more time on your customers and marketing.

Use in sales

Incoming goods, reconciliation & automatic registrations

Enter your invoices and delivery notes with all important details and maximum accuracy without the involvement of employees.

Recording in purchasing

Up to date with orders entered fully automatically

Extract order data from various sources and improve the quality of your data in the process.

Recording in logistics

Secured inventory with automated monitoring

With Semadox, your inventory is error-free and no longer requires manual and time resources.

Use Semadox in your business

Fast processes are essential for every trade in order to optimize your service

Our solution collects and analyses all your order data from PDFs and sends it directly to your ERP system.

Automated processes

Our system feeds the data from the captured documents directly into your ERP system. You can further process them directly.

Without additional IT resources

We take care of the connection and integration into your process. You don't need any IT staff or resources to do this.

Use Semadox in your sales

Sales management without headaches with more time for customers

Establishing a relationship with your customers is more important in sales than any other workflow. Free up more time for this and let a precise system handle your recording.

More time for your customers

With targeted automation, your time account will be tidier and your customer service will be significantly improved.

Connected to your system

The connection to your system is completely carried out by Semadox. The captured data is in your system seconds after it is received.

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Use Semadox in your purchase

Purchasing with instant processing without much personnel and time expenditure

No more procurement problems. Delivery notes, articles, quantities, inventory — all types of data can be recorded by our system and passed on to your system in analysed form, fully automatically.

Increased data quality

Automated recording by Semadox almost completely excludes human error rates during recording.

Easy to integrate

The captured data is in your system seconds after it is received. This gives you an almost real-time overview of your data.

Use Semadox in your logistics sector

Traveling worldwide with seamless logistics processes on demand

Sie wollen Warenbestand, Ausgang und Eingang besser im Blick behalten? Wir unterstützen Sie dabei, unser System mit Ihren Logistik-Prozessen zu koppeln. Alles ohne zusätzliche IT-Ressourcen.

Optimized inventory

With our automated recording in seconds, you always know exactly the status of your items.

Fastest routes

You increase the speed of your processes without additional manual use of resources.

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