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Pdf documents processed in


Demo test with your Amazon invoice

Test how quickly and accurately our system captures documents

To demonstrate how Semadox works, upload an invoice from your Amazon account here and see how our system automatically collects PDFs. In a productive system, this manual process is not necessary. link to your Amazon order history.

Documents are automatically added to the system

We connect your system to Semadox. This includes setting routing rules in your email software that determine which of your emails should be automated.

Current schemes based on openTRANS

Your ERP is connected to Semadox. We ensure that your specific system, such as EDIFACT or openTRANS, is adapted to Semadox so that it can automatically receive PDFs.

We adapt templates to your individual needs

If a PDF is not recognized when entered, our fine-meshed monitoring sounds an alarm. With our team, we correct layout errors transparently and promptly within 48 hours.

Structured data back to your ERP system

Now the system is running and all your documents are automatically processed into structured data, which is then sent to your system.

Do you need a closer look?

Our technical documentation

Through our technical documentation, you can take a look at how our system works, with topology and HTTP endpoint communication, including example instructions.

Is your document processing more complex?

We develop schemas for every individual application

Our currently used schemes are based on openTRANS for common documents such as invoices, orders or delivery notes. However, for your more specialized use case, we can also develop complex schemas, including validation, for you.

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With know-how and drive at your side

How does Semadox do that? Fully automated and safe.

Artificial intelligence and the processing of PDF documents are our core competencies. We work directly with our experienced team of specialists in Austria to provide you with the best possible support.

Any connection is possible.

Our system can be integrated via SFTP, HTTP or email and forwards the data to any ERP system (SAP,...).

All common EDI formats and documents

Orders, invoices, order confirmations, delivery notes, payment advices and more are processed centrally and fully automatically.

Ongoing quality checks & improvements

We are constantly working on system improvements. System or recording errors are resolved within 48 hours.

Experienced & specialized team

Semadox is smoothly integrated into your workflow and connects seamlessly to your desired ERP system, without any IT resources.

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