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Bernhard Lehner

February 9, 2024

Semadox launches partner program

Digital efficiency is essential in business. Semadox makes the difference when digitizing PDFs.

Semadox, provider of cloud software for extracting and validating data from PDF documents, launches Semadox Partner Program. This gives providers of ERP and EDI solutions the opportunity to pass on the benefits of high-performance Semdox solutions to entrepreneurs and companies while strengthening their own business.

The new program offers partners a transparent process and structured support from Semadox. First Semadox partners are EDI specialists EDITEL as well as the Austrian ERP provider Softline.

Semadox and its mission of “data extraction in perfection”

Since 2021, the Semadox team has been passionately dedicated to developing next-generation data processing via PDF. Our goal is simply explained: we want to offer our customers the best, fastest and most reliable software that can be used to extract, validate and further process data from PDF documents.

That makes Semadox unique

  1. Capture, validate, and structure data from PDF documents
  2. De facto 100% precision
  3. Capture data at position level
  4. Any scalability
  5. Extremely high processing speed
  6. Very easy integration into the business process
  7. Easy integration into existing ERP and EDI systems and processes

This is how you benefit as a Semadox partner — this is how your customers benefit

The Semadox Partner Program provides a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our partners' customers benefit from a solution that simplifies, speeds up and optimizes their business processes and increases productivity. Partners are given the opportunity to expand their own offerings, significantly expand their business and open up new markets.

Semadox will help partners worldwide access powerful software and thus offer customers added value. This creates competence and trust, increases added value, builds up predictable and recurring sales and strengthens customer loyalty.

In addition, partners receive a recurring reseller margin, depending on their partnership level based on annual revenue generated with Semadox.

How do you become a Semadox partner?

The Semadox Partner Program provides step-by-step instructions, from partner registration to guided onboarding, access to resources and training, and start-up and ongoing support.

Detailed information about the guided onboarding process, the reseller contract, the welcome and introductory meeting and ongoing partnership reviews can be found in the Semadox Partner Handbook.

Resources and training

Semadox provides comprehensive resources and training programs for partners, including marketing and sales resources, training materials, knowledge base, price lists, and licenses. This means that partners are well prepared to optimally offer their customers the Semadox solution.

Meet the Semadox family

Learn first-hand how Semadox has already helped partners and customers and how it has transformed their organizations. Read testimonials from satisfied partners and customers and Dive into the world of Semadox.

Let's talk to each other!

The Semadox Partner Manager is looking forward to telling you more about the Semadox Partner Program: [email protected] .

Our partner program at Detail.

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