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Bernhard Lehner

April 20, 2023

How a multichannel office supplies retailer saves time and money through PDF automation ‍

Data input from PDF is a daily routine in many companies. However, it still often runs with shockingly low levels of PDF automation.

The most important interface between the data in a PDF document and its further digital processing in an ERP system, for example, is still the human being. In a nutshell: Data from orders, order confirmations or invoices is typed by employees via PDFs. This is expensive, error-prone, slow — and lengthy and frustrating for people.

At PBS Logitek, the “human PDF data interface” is a thing of the past. PBS uses Semadox technology to automate incoming orders in PDF. With Semadox's cloud-based software, PBS automates the processing of orders received via PDF documents.

Semadox collects the data, validates it and transfers it in a structured form to our ERP system for further processing. Not a single employee hour falls victim to this repetitive task. Semadox even reads out the position data, i.e. the level of detail of the documents. We process all orders without having to provide an employee with a working hour”., Wolfgang Fürthbauer, managing director of PBS Logitek GmbH, sums up the benefits of Semadox. There would be no limits when it comes to processing volumes. The system could also process many times the current volume of PDFs with the same precision and speed. They chose Semadox also because the connection to the customer's computer systems was quick and easy,” says Fürthbauer.

Productivity significantly increased, employee satisfaction increased.

With Semadox, PBS Logitek was able to significantly increase efficiency when processing incoming orders. Previously, incoming PDFs had to be manually entered into the ordering system by employees. This step is now carried out fully automatically and in fractions of a second. Employees are freed from repetitive and boring tasks and can dedicate their skills to more productive, interesting and customer-oriented tasks. “The monthly cost savings from using Semadox are enormous”., says Wolfgang Fürthbauer.

High speed — and yet no errors.

Semadox processes 99.9% of data without errors, setting an industry benchmark. The rarely occurring errors are identified and corrected by close monitoring. Not least because of this extremely high “no-touch” rate PBS Logitek chose Semadox.

“Of course, our software can process more than just orders. We use Semadox to process a wide variety of document types, such as invoices, orders or delivery notes,” says Julian Rath, managing director of Semadox. “Basically, there are no limits when it comes to the layout or type of documents processed, as long as it is a PDF file,” continues Rath.

Digitalization and yet not an IT project.

To benefit from the advantages of automatic data processing through Semadox, a company does not have to set up an IT project. With PBS, the PDFs are sent to Semadox via email — it's enough to set simple routing rules. The finished structured data is sent to the ERP via an interface.

Image source:, photographer Tim van der Kuip

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