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Bernhard Lehner

January 22, 2024

PDF digitization: an indispensable tool in the software toolbox of retail companies

Digital efficiency is essential in business. Semadox makes the difference when digitizing PDFs.

Digital transformation and efficiency make the difference between winning or losing in business. This applies to many business processes. However, digital optimization is particularly exciting when it comes to data transfer between companies.

In the last 50 years, no expense or effort has been spared to make the exchange of data between companies as fast, easy, reliable and inexpensive as possible. Under the heading “Electronic Data Interchange” (EDI), standards for the electronic exchange of documents were developed in the 1960s. Since then, these have been continuously expanded, improved and optimized.

However, despite all efforts by the EDI industry, one format has not only held its ground when it comes to data exchange, but is even gaining in importance: the PDF.

Why is the PDF format (Portable Document Format) 2024 still a fixed size in so many business processes?

The reasons for this are manifold. Here are probably the most important:

Universal compatibility: building bridges in the digital world

One of the main reasons why the PDF format remains so popular in the business world is because of its universal compatibility. Regardless of the hardware or software used, PDF documents can be easily opened and viewed from any device. This is particularly important for companies that interact with a wide range of suppliers and customers who may be using different technologies.

Consistent presentation: Your trademark in every document

PDFs ensure that your document looks exactly as you intended on every screen. This is critical for retail companies where accuracy in catalogs, product descriptions, and promotional materials is paramount. A consistent and professional appearance strengthens the brand image and promotes customer trust.

Maximum security: Trade secrets are safe

Data security plays a central role in increasing digitization. PDFs offer advanced security features, including encryption and digital signatures, that ensure sensitive information is protected.

Interactivity and accessibility

PDF documents can include interactive elements, such as hyperlinks and embedded videos, that improve the customer experience. The format also supports the creation of barrier-free documents, which increases accessibility for all users and ensures compliance with regulations.

Long-term archiving: future-proof documentation

The PDF/A format is ideal for long-term document management. It ensures that important business documents remain readable and securely archived for years, a must for every operations manager.

Integration into business processes: seamless workflows

The PDF format can be easily integrated into existing business systems and processes, which increases efficiency and productivity. This is particularly important at a time when digital processes are revolutionizing retail.

And this is exactly where Semadox comes in. Semadox is the missing link when it comes to extracting data from a PDF document with maximum reliability, in quasi-real time and in any volume and transferring it to any computer system for further processing. Semadox converts position-level data from documents such as orders, delivery notes or invoices fully automatically. In compliance with GDPR, the data is transferred directly from the PDF document in the inbox to the company's ERP system. Completely without manual processing. And that's 100 percent error-free. Do you have the challenge of extracting data from PDF files in large quantities in your company? Then you should definitely get to know us without obligation!

Image source: Semadox, created with Adobe Firefly

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