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Bernhard Lehner

March 6, 2024

Semadox brings investor on board for further growth

PDF data expert Semadox sets sail for growth with venture capital

Semadox brings Michael Pambalk-Rieger on board in a seed financing round. The fresh capital will finance the further growth of the young company. The new Semadox shareholder will also support the company with its industry and product know-how. As a founding angel, FACTORY300 is an operator Bernhard Lehner already part of the team of Semadox founders since 2023 Julian Rath.

With the fresh capital, Semadox will intensify its sales activities. “Until now, we have financed ourselves exclusively from our own turnover, so we were bootstrapped. We have shown that our solution solves a real problem for companies: data processing from PDF documents,” explains Julian Rath. “With fresh capital and investor, we can now take the next growth step and invest in our sales department.”

Well-known names on the Semadox customer list

Semadox can already point to some very well-known names on its list of references: “Unser Lagerhaus”, the office supplies wholesaler PBS and Union Investment are using the software from Graz very successfully.

The first partners were also won over. With the EDI provider EDITEL and the Styrian ERP developer Softline Semadox is working on the first projects. “Semadox is the technology supplier. We integrate our product into existing EDI and ERP landscapes and thus upgrade them. A win-win-win situation for everyone involved,” says Julian Rath.

Semadox: specialist in PDF data processing

Semadox, which is specifically designed to help companies extract, validate and further process sensitive data from document formats such as PDF. Semadox stands out for its ability to capture and process data with the highest precision, with the technology ensuring unrivalled accuracy down to the position level of the data.

The commitment of TimeWarp and Michael Pambalk-Rieger to Semadox underlines the potential experienced IT professionals see in Semadox. Even in 2024, there is still a great need for effective solutions for data management and data consolidation in a business context. Delivery notes, invoices, orders or orders are still transmitted in large volumes via PDF files in many industries. “Translation” into automated EDI workflows or specialized ERP landscapes is a challenge that many companies solve more poorly than fairly only with the use of labor and analog work-arounds. Semadox offers a powerful answer here, which is now to be made available to a wider market.

Semadox will primarily use the investment to intensify Semadox's sales activities. “We want to become a leading provider in the development of high-precision and specialized data processing solutions. We want to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes,” concludes Julian Rath.

For more information about Semadox and its services, visit our website.

Image source: Gernot Muhr

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Semadox brings investor on board for further growth

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